Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cheap Car Insurance Women and Influential Concerns

Ladies, the cheap car insurance women definitely is the right car insurance policy decision you should take. Well, it is common for women to enjoy lower premium prices since the claim they make are less severe than the claim men drivers make. However, EU Gender Directive now has prohibited the insurers from showing any gender bias acts in calculating the premium prices.
Age Issue for Cheap Car Insurance Women
Even though the gender is no longer an issue in cheap car insurance women, there are some concerns that are still applied. One of them is the age. Typically, car insurance for younger women is more expensive than one for older women. The limit is usually set at 25. It is due to the stats stating that women under 25 years old have higher probability to get involved in accident and then make a claim. Aside from the number, the reason is also based on how drivers under 25 tend to get involved in at least 25 percent of fatal accidents.
Renewing Cheap Car Insurance Women
You perhaps have read there are many considerations taken into account in premium price calculation for women driver who makes a claim. To save your money, you can do some tips such as parking your car overnight. This way, you can reduce the probability of having your car stolen. Lastly, do not hesitate to shop around in finding cheap car insurance women. Take advantages from comparing car insurance quotes for women from more than 100 insurance agencies to make sure you have the best cheap car insurance women to choose.